Will the New Apple Tablet be the Game Changer for E-media

As us Tech Geeks hold our collective breaths for the highly anticipated Apple Tablet, I sit here wondering if this will the final game changer for e-media. Although more and more people download books, magazines, and newspapers on there Kindles, Nooks, and other E-readers, the mass majority still prefer print over e-books. But, if you had a nice size tablet that you can travel with and not only use as a E-reader but could keep all your music, videos, and movies on it as well, would you be so quick to pack the latest John Grisham’s novel in your suitcase? Or, what if you like to read your newspaper while commuting to work? You can download the latest news to your tablet in seconds without worrying about trying to flipped and turned a newspaper in your hands without hitting the person next to you.

What exactly will the Apple Tablet look like or do? No one except the evil geniuses at Apple knows. But as speculations run rampant, one thing is clear, Tech Geeks around the world are childishly stamping their feet and waiting not so patiently for what will probably be the best tech-toy of 2010.

– Joy Farrington, The Book Club Expert


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