Ipads whoomps Netbooks and Kindles A$$es

At 0.5 inches and 1.5 lbs, full color, touch screen, as expected, the Ipad will compete directly with Kindles and Nooks. Apple obviously took great pain to make reading e-books and other digital media more pleasurable for their buyers. 

Who care’s if you can listen to a robotic voice reading your book when you can download an audible and listen to a real person speak instead? Why read a so-so copy of the New York Times on the Kindle when you can see the pictures in color and watch the embedded videos in the articles as well? The fact that you can read articles in color and watch video embedded video from the article far exceeds what the Kindle and Nook can do.

Unsurprisingly, the Ipad will have an Ibook-store where you can directly download e-books from most venues. But with their e-book prices ranging from $12-15 dollars, I expect publishing companies will be more willing to corporate with Apple than Amazon. More than likely you will see new releases available from Ibook weeks or even months before the Kindle, since major publishing companies purposely hold out their e-book rights to Amazon in their childish attempts to complain about Kindle $9.99 ebook price tag.  

The Ipad will also feature Iworks which is sorely missing from the Iphone. Iworks is a database integrated app. So now you can easily create databases, word etc…  The video and gaming on the Ipad looks sick and I’m sure tech geeks are drooling at the screen shots being simulcast on edgadet. The new design for the contacts, calendar, and photos looks fun and more engaging.  The Ipad has a 1ghz Apple A4 chip that makes using the Ipad super fast and leaves no visible hiccups. With a starting price of $499,  10 hr battery life and over a 1 month standby, as Apple created a device that pretty much whoomps netbooks and Kindles A$$.

– Joy Farrington, The Book Club Expert


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