Is your book taking you to the next level?

I’m on a motivational high right now. I’m reading, listening, and watching, everything inspirational.

Lately, if the book isn’t taking me to where I need to be or isn’t work/book club related, I’m not picking it up. Right now, I’m reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and(yes, 2 book at once. I’m a book addict) Be the Media by David Mathison.  Be the Media is a how-to guide on how to tap into the power of podcasting, radio, blogs, books and other forms of media. The Success Principles is a how-to guide on how to increase your confidence and live your passion. Although each books speaks about totally different topics, the underlying theme is the same. I’ve gain so much insight from the first few pages of Be the Media alone that I went on a Twitter frenzy, sending tweets about the book as I was reading it. The Success Principles has so many ah-ha moments that I had to begin writting them all down so I can dig deeper into them later on. They both address the power of YOU and what you can accomplish if you only think about what you what to do and where you want to be and than ACT.  They both are helping me take big leaps of faith and go big in 2010.

I’m curious to know what your book of the month? What book has you staying up at night, pumping your fist in the air screaming “I can do it and now I know how!” and then calling your peoples early in the morning and saying “ohh you got to read this book!”


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