Google Tries to Tap into Social Media Market Again with Google Buzz

Google announces today, their new interface, Google Buzz which is accessible through your Gmail account (genius move).  But this isn’t Google’s first attempt at tapping into the Social Media frenzy (Do you know anyone that uses Sidwiki? If you do, please have them e-mail me. I would like to know the 1 person in the world that uses it). But reading up on the features, I think Google finally got it right this time. 

Buzz integrates photos, links, twitter etc… that you can share with other Buzz users.  It also has a feature much like Netflix’s excellent (yes-excellent. its like Netflix is reading my mind) recommendation features and will adapt the links they suggest to you based on your likes and dislikes. 

I’m guessing this is Google pre-cursor to their Google Wave and will be a soft lead-in to help people become used to using their Gmail account for more than just email. If that was their idea, smart move cause right now I have Google Wave and unless you have about 20 friends using it as well than its about as much fun as… (do you hear the crickets?)

Check out this blog for more info on the Google Buzz:

Joy Farrington, The Book Club Expert.


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