Writer resigns after plagiarism claims

In a case of irony, Gerald Posner, author of Miami Babylon, a book about the history of Miami scandals, resigned. The former writer for The Daily Beast, recently left his post after continous allegations of plagiarism came to light after Slate reported several occurances. The Daily Beast followed up the acusations of one of their own staff writers by doing their own investigation and found several instances that cofirmed Slate’s accusations. Once confronted with the mounting evidence, Posner offered his resignation immediately and posted he resigned from the Beast on his blog http://www.geraldposner.blogspot.com on Wednesday.

Now, you would think an author of 11 books would know better. You would think that a writer with a reputation to uphold would take the higher road and take the time and creative energy to put out his own work. You would think that a well-known Miami author and journalist would at least have enough sense not to copy the work from his own local paper, The Miami Hearld. Did he really think no one would notice? In other words, what an idiot!


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