Why am I so Happy?


Why am I so Happy?  
Is it because I had a great interview with author, Denise Turney last Wednesday?
Is it because my book, A Literary Diva’s Guide to Hosting a Fab Book Club Meeting, is being hailed as “the blueprint” for book clubs?
Is it because I’m launching a new website on Monday, March 1st?
Well the truth is, its all the reasons above and more.
I’m so ecstatic about the direction Lit Diva, Inc. is heading and it’s all because of you: the most fab-tab-a-lous book clubs, readers, and authors out there. I know that you guys are a forced to be reckoned with and starting Monday, the rest of the world will know as well! So stay tuned.
And, oh man, the secret that I revealed during Wednesday’s call was a doozy.
Listeners flipped out when I announced the line-up for our Between the Sheets with your Favorite Lit Divas Teleseries and when you see the names listed below you will too. Oh- you thought I was playing?! I told you the line-up for our Special March Teleseries is serious.
Much Love,
Joy Farrington, The Book Club Expert


Starting March 7th, in honor of Women History Month, Joy Farrington, The Book Club Expert will be interviewing these lovely and vastly talented, literary ladies.  Registered callers will be able to ask these dynamic women including, Nikki Giovanni, questions during our Q and A session.  To register for a call, click the appropriate link below.
Event Details
(schedule is subject to change)
Between the Sheets with your Favorite Lit Divas
hosted by Joy Farrington,
The Book Club Expert
*Double Header*
Sunday, March 7th
5pm EST
Wednesday, March 17th
9pm EST
*Special Event*
Sunday, March 21st
7pm EST
Sunday, March 28th
Wednesday, March 31st
9pm EST
Everyone that registers for the call will receive a free membership to the Lit Diva Network


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