Author, Cheryl Robinson Post Free Story on Her Blog

Cheryl Robinson is posting a story on her blog- for free– and all you have to do is join her mailing list!

Robinson is a great author and I’ve always enjoyed reading her novels. So, to find out she has a blog story is very exciting news and I think its such a clever idea.

For those who’ve read Cheryl Robinson’s books, you know what a treat this is.  If you haven’t had a chance to read one of her many titles, I highly suggest you make use of this opportunity and introduce yourself to one of my favorite authors. 

To read the first couple of chapters of Heaven Help Me and to receive upcoming chapters in your inbox, visit Cheryl’s blog at

Excerpt From Heaven Help Me by Cheryl Robinson

“It started not long after my mother died. Started with the ceiling above me opening up and a band of tiny angels floating all around me—too many for me to count. The light from the open ceiling was so bright that all I could see were little angels filling the entire room.” 


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