Delphine Publications Authors Star in the First Ever National Commercial for Urban Lit Publisher

The newest face of Urban Literature takes over the literary scene with the launch of their national commercial shoot. Taking place right outside of Atlanta, GA join the Delphine family consisting of CEO Tamika Newhouse, Michael McGrew, Felishia Bradshaw, Best Seller Anna Black, and Jhamika as they star in the first ever national commercial for a urban lit publisher.

Delphine Publications was established in 2008 with the launch of the now best selling novel The Ultimate NO NO. A classic that has went on to sale thousands of units is now being relaunched and soon to be in mass market. The author behind the dream, Tamika Newhouse set out on a journey to pay tribute to her mother Delphine Publications. With now her mission in plain sight she went on to meet up and coming artist such as Felisha Bradshaw who became the very first author signed to Delphine.

The commercial shoot is only the beginning to the creative mind Tamika sets forth to separate herself from the rest. There is a open call for extras and readers a like to be featured extras in this project that will go down in history. Simply come out and be apart of the official commercial shoot and mixer. The shoot will be followed by a mixer filled with food, music, and the best part a cast signing will take place with the authors. Be able to get personal signed copies of each book for your personal collection.

Eyes on the Pryze, Delphine’s first street tale will not be released until May 1st but with your appreciation and attendance you will be able to get a autographed copy on this date before the national release.

Shooting starts at 2pm sharp and will end around 8pm on April 11th. Leave with her stomachs full of good food and her hands in tow with some great reads.

1755 The Exchange Parkway
Marietta GA 30339
3rd Floor

April 11th 2-8pm

Titles to be present:

The Ultimate NO NO~special edition
The Ultimate Moment No Regrets
Now You Wanna Come Back
Eyes on the Pryze
and a special signing from Micheal McGrew of “My Kinda Girl”

RSVP your attendance today at

Make sure to visit us at

Source: Delphine Publications

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