Best Buy to Sell Nook

Publisher Weekly Staff — Publisher Weekly, 4/12/10 9:46:54 AM

In another indication of the mainstreaming of e-books and e-readers, Barnes & Noble has reached agreement with Best Buy for the consumer electronics retailing giant to carry B&N’s nook as well to distribute BN eReader software. Best Buy is expected to sell the e-reader through all 1,070 of its stores beginning April 18 as well as offering it through its Web site. Within the stores, the nook will be sold in a display similar to ones used at B&N bookstores. Through the BN eReader software, consumers will be able to buy all the digital content stores in the B&N’s e-bookstore.

Best Buy already sells the iPad and through its Web site sells various Sony Readers.  “We look forward to showcasing nook within our growing e-book reader collection,” said Chris Homeister, senior vice president and general manager of the Home Entertainment Group at Best Buy.


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