“More Than One Way To Skin A Dog” By April Walker Becomes Huge Phenomenon For Women Across The Country

Posted: April 23, 2010


Philadelphia, PA (BlackNews.com) — It has only been a few months since the release of April Walker’s More Than One Way to Skin a Dog, and already what started as a simple idea, has turned into a huge phenomenon across the nation. Walker, now coined as “The HDIC” (Head Dogcatcher In Charge) by her fans, has spent the past few years creating the very educational and hilariously funny ‘how to’ read, as well as its offspring, an online referral system for women, known as www.skinadog.com. Now fully equipped with a will-be bestseller and a tell-it-like-it-is personality, April Walker is ready to take the dog by its collar and the world by storm.

With all of the interests circling around the release of More Than One Way to Skin a Dog, the heavily sought after Walker can be heard and seen all over the media as she is consistently featured on the hottest radio and network stations nationwide. To name a few, Walker has made guest appearances on talk shows such as WDHB with Angelo Henderson in Detroit, MI, Atlanta Kiss in Atlanta, GA, WDAS with Patty Jackson in Philadelphia, PA, WURD with The Streets Are Talking Radio Show in Philadelphia, PA, The CW Philly, and much more.

Walker also co-wrote the book, Remove the Mask! Living an Authentic Life and wrote the chapter, “Games Men Play,” which was released in 2009. Walker’s newly updated website, Skinadog.com, has also received raved reviews! Walker uses Skinadog.com as an online referral system that benefits and educates women of all age groups on making wise decisions in their lives and relationships. Skinadog.com premiers a weekly radio show each Monday and also inspiring clips are added to the ‘Dog Media’ section of the site. Skinadog.com teaches women how to choose a good man over a dog and in her inspiring messages, Walker proves that not all dogs exactly end up in heaven.

Even though More Than One Way to Skin a Dog was published in January 2010, April Walker’s movement towards empowering women began long before its release. Becoming a member of the Professional Women’s Network and the founder of her own organization for teenage girls, known as the Princesses in Training/Life Skills Training Program, is only a small part of the enormous role that Walker has played in the empowerment of woman. Commonly referred to as the modern day ‘Renaissance Woman,’ she dabs her finger into everything from writing to entrepreneurship, as she is the President and Founder of her own Production Company, known as A. Walker Productions, LLC.

For over eight years, April Walker has served as a behavior specialist. She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and is completing her second Master’s Degree in Human Services with a concentration in counseling this upcoming May 2010. Upon graduating, Walker plans to then pursue a Doctorate in Psychology. Now residing in her hometown of Philadelphia, PA, Walker is currently working sternly on the sequel of the three-book series, Skin ’em, Get ’em, Love ’em and with all of her work, education,and experience, April Walker has without a doubt proven to be a dominating force to be reckoned with.

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source: blacknews.com


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