Second Biography Book Reveals The Decision To Change Lifestyle or Die

Cincinnati, OH ( — Author, Mary Elizabeth Moorman, announces the second of a four part series, The Vine Of A Naked Child II: Rise From The Dust. The biography book, released August 2009, continues to reveal the affects of child abuse, and shows the impact of substance abuse, promiscuity, and other psycho behavioral issues of child abuse survivors, but concludes with a life changing decision, to give the Greater One a chance, or to die. The book was released by Spiderwize.

“This book was written because most victims of child sexual abuse develop psychiatric disorders, use excessive drugs and alcohol, become prostitutes, have suicidal thoughts or attempt suicide, and some even become the perpetrators who violently victimize others and are imprisoned. For most, this is where their mind settles, but there is a way out of this lifestyle, if people choose to adopt it,” Miss Moorman said.

She continues, “There are some of us who want our lives to change but we are not willing to do our part to change it. We expect our outside circumstances to change, while we stay the same. On occasions, in the past, I did nothing but complain about my life, then when people offered me advice and encouragement to help me move forward, I had plenty of excuses. Of course, the advisors counter attacked my excuses with solutions, only to receive more excuses. Remembering the look on their faces, I sensed, they felt as if they were dealing with a person who avoids responsibility and blames others for their mistakes. They were right. We should never stay imprisoned to our bondage. We should choose to be free. Even in the worst circumstances, we should have hope and belief that the Greater One will free us.”

For more information about Mary Elizabeth Moorman, and to view a full synopsis of The Vine Of A Naked Child II: Rise From The Dust, visit

About Mary Elizabeth Moorman:
The author was born in Marysville, Ohio, and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she still resides. God, family, and writing are her passion, and she has an additional published work, The Vine Of A Naked Child: Sacrifice Before The Storm which can also be found at


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