NLN Author Spotlight

Meet Carol Taylor

Carol Taylor is the creator of the bestselling Brown Sugar series. She has
been featured in Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise, The Boston Globe, and
many other publications. She is working on the follow-up to The Ex
Chronicles. Become a fan of The Ex Chronicles on Facebook. You can find
her relationship column, Off the Hook: Advice on Love and Lust at






About the Book:

“The Ex Chronicles—is “Sex and the City” meets “Waiting to
Exhale”—it’s set in New York, a city full of emotional land mines,
where four very different friends search for Mr. Right but often settle
for Mr. Right Now. Precious, a struggling writer discovers her fiancé
Darius in bed with another woman, and though she leaves him, she still
loves him. Spoiled rich girl, Bella, knows her boyfriend Julius is using
her, but before she can give him up she has to give up her first loves,
drugs and alcohol. Half-British, half-Jamaican, Zenobia, sacrificed a
successful modeling career for Malcolm, but when he starts to stray, she
fears she’s made a terrible mistake. Upwardly mobile Hope, the editorial
director of a high fashion magazine, is trying to hold it together while
caring for her mom who has Alzheimer’s, while she deals with depression
over her father’s sudden death. In the midst of all this Hope is trying
to resist a strong attraction to her new driver Derrick, a single dad from
the projects. Funny and sexy, heartbreaking and inspiring, The Ex
Chronicles is a novel about faith in one’s self, trust in one’s
friends, and the sacrifices we make in the name of love.”


Praise for The Ex Chronicles:
“A delicious debut novel with some intriguing Terry McMillanesque twists.”
— Publisher’s Weekly

The [Ex Chronicles] is everything you think it would be, but nothing
you’d expect. Yes, it’s steamy and sexy, but it’s also about love.”

“The Ex-Chronicles reaches a literary plateau; evolving from having
caricatures of the successful, upward mobile, black women looking for
love, to stories that feature characters who have both feet firmly rooted
in reality.” —

“The Ex Chronicles is a good story about four women living very
complicated lives. All of these women have problems with men, but it goes
much deeper than that. Self-worth, depression, alcoholism are just some of
the issues. Strong characters and an interesting storyline makes The Ex
Chronicles a wonderful debut novel for Carol Taylor.” — Urban Reviews

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