Summer Reading Pick #1 “Valentine” by D.V. Hent

Author, D.V. Hent has always had a passion for crafting realistic characters in steamy situations. Here is an excerpt from his latest book, Valentine.

 About the Book:

Valentine was taught how to be a woman on the harsh streets of New Orleans. After years of being with a man she didn’t love, Valentine opened her heart to Charles ‘Boogie’ Jackson, and his betrayal almost cost her life. With her former identity destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, she moonlights as an assassin with an axe to grind. Along with the help of C.T., a professional hacker and her handler, she seeks vengeance for the man who intentionally left her to die.

Quicky Book Excerpt:
“You know something?  I do. See, baby, I had this gun in my hand and I was just going to shoot you; you know, make it quick, but I can’t do that anymore. After the phone call I just made, my benefactor decided that you should suffer just a little bit more.”
Benefactor? Suffer? What the hell was going on? If this was another game, like tying my ass up, I wasn’t down with it.  “What the f—  did you do?” I yelled, struggling to break free of the bonds she’d placed me in, but they wouldn’t let up. “Val, let me go. This sh– ain’t funny.”
“To answer your question, yes, my name is Valentine and the sad thing is that this is goodbye, Antoine. I’ll always remember—your tongue.”
She gently placed tape over my mouth as I flailed around my bed, trying to break free.
“It’s time for me to go, but I just wanted you to know that your house is on fire. Maybe we can hook up next lifetime—if there is such a thing as reincarnation, but in this one, you shouldn’t have crossed someone you know. Didn’t you know selling kids was a no-no? Had I known about what you were really into, I would’ve poured gasoline on you myself, but I guess this will have to do.”
I heard her heels clicking against the bedroom’s wooden floor as she walked away from me, then suddenly she stopped.
“Just so you know, you weren’t that great of a f—, Rock Hound. Maybe next time around, you’ll get a bigger dick. And uh, your last ride was compliments of the soon to be widowed Mrs. Davis.”
F— you! I wanted to scream out, but the tape was pressed so hard against my face that all she could hear was gurgling. I tried to push my tongue against the tape and scream for help, but it wasn’t moving. I wriggled around my bed for what seemed like an eternity, but no matter how hard I fought, I knew this was about to be my tomb.
For the next few minutes, I panicked. I screamed, wrestled, cried, cursed, and fought against the handcuffs she’d put on my hands and feet—all the while feeling the steel dig deeper into my flesh. Even though I couldn’t see the fire, I smelled the charred remains of my house and I could feel the heat from the flames moving closer to me.
I fiercely pulled against my restraints one last time and I could hear the headboard cracking, but I was already too weak. I had inhaled too much smoke and the world was slowly darkening.
There wasn’t a doubt in my mind now, I was going to die.
As I felt the unbearable heat from the flames closing in around me, the last thought going through my mind was a satisfying scene with me choking the life out of both my wife and that fucking Valentine.

For more information, visit the author website at:

Or purchase your copy on Amazon or download the book to your Kindle.


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