Summer Reading Pick #2: “Bad Blood” by Tuffy

Today’s Pick is “Bad Blood” from up and coming author, Tuffy.

About The Book:

Champ is a breadwinner on one of the highest levels in the drug game in Philadelphia. Although the game proves to be very profitable it is also full of Bad Blood. Through much tension and difficulty, Champ tries to keep his cool. However, the actions of his lifelong friend makes it close to impossible for him to do so. Despite the negativity associated with being in the drug game, Champ strives to remain of good character. They say good guys finish last but Champ aims to be the exception to the rule.

      The author, Tuffy, takes you on a vivid and edgy ride through the roughest streets of Philadelphia as Champ tries his hardest not to finish last. Brace yourself! 

Quickie Book Excerpt:

Ern pulled up to his house in his work truck. He sat in the car thinking of the conversation he had with his right-hand-man, Tone. He had expressed to Tone that he was done with breaking his kilos down and selling them in portions. Tone understood where Ern was coming from because they were getting too many kilos and far too much money to be breaking down at this point. What Tone didn’t understand was the fact that Ern was prepared to leave the streets alone all together at the end of the year. Ern had made enough money and he had a multitude of legit ventures that would allow him to live comfortably. His focus now was on spending time with his wife and watching his son grow up.

      Tone didn’t understand how niggas always talked about retiring from the streets. He didn’t have a wife or kids, so he was married to and his commitment was to the streets. As far as he was concerned, Ern could retire right now because he was prepared to be a bricklayer until death do him part. As Ern put the key in the door, he was thinking of how ignorant Tone was. He had to smile at the thought of Tone acting dramatic and saying over and over with a silly smirk on his face, “I’m married to the game and I don’t believe in divorce.”

      Ern genuinely loved Tone and he would never try to belittle him by telling him how dumb he appeared by considering the game to be his wife. Ern knew that the game didn’t love nobody. His train of thought was broken when he opened the door to his house and his son ran up to meet him. 

  Micky was getting bigger by the day and the older he got the more he resembled Ern. He was Ern’s only child and his pride and joy.

    “Dad, the Lakers play the Sixers this weekend at the Wachovia Center. Please tell me that we have tickets.”

  “We always have tickets.”


      Micky was excited about going to the game. He took the bags out of Ern’s hand and put them in the kitchen before he ran upstairs to take his shower before going to bed. Ern walked into the kitchen where he was greeted with a hug and a kiss from Sharon. She had his dinner plate on the table already warmed up. They sat at the table together and discussed each other’s day as Ern ate his dinner. 

  Once he finished eating, Ern went upstairs to his office to straighten out a few things while Sharon cleaned the kitchen. His office was his own space, he would often go there to clear his mind and obtain tranquility. He sat behind his desk listening to his voicemail on the intercom of his business line. He picked up the picture that sat on his desk of him, Tone, Bingo, and Champ. They were all childhood friends but he looked at them more as brothers. As far as Ern was concerned, it was a family photo. The picture was taken at A.I.’s All Star Weekend Party in the Gallery. He smiled at the picture as he reminisced on how they outshined all the out-of-towners that came into Philly for that weekend. The ringing of his phone forced him to cut his flashback short. 


  “Yizzo, my nigga. I’m just making sure you got in the crib safe,” Tone said, checking in on Ern.

      “Yeah, I’m good.”

      “Ok Ern, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

      They said their good-byes and hung up. Ern finished up in his office and went into his bedroom where Sharon was already waiting. She had finished in the kitchen ten minutes ago. Micky peeked his head in their room to say goodnight before he got into bed. Sharon and Ern talked briefly before they dozed off with the TV on.

  Micky’s screams filled the air and woke Ern and Sharon from their sleep. Before they could fully understand what was going on, they were looking down the barrels of guns held by three masked men standing beside their bed. Ern had never felt so helpless in his life. Losing his life came with the game, he knew that without a doubt, but he never planned on risking the life of his wife and son. 

  “Whatever y’all want I’ll give it to y’all…just don’t hurt my family,” Ern pleaded.

  “Shut the fuck up. If you follow instructions your family will be okay,” yelled the masked man, who seemed to be in charge.

  Just then, Micky came running into the room with nothing but his drawers on. He somehow managed to break free from the men who were in his room. He ran up to his dad and hugged him.

  “One more dumb-ass move like that and somebody is going to get shot,” the same man confirmed, while looking at Ern. 

  “I have plenty of money but there is only chump change here. I’ll pay y’all whatever, just let me and my family go.”

  “Ern, I know you’re a wealthy man. We’ve been instructed not to hurt your family so be easy. I do need you to tell your son and your wife to go with my men and for them to follow what’s asked of them.”

  Ern felt like shit having to send his wife and son off to follow the commands of a bunch of thugs but he knew it was their best chance at surviving. Sharon followed behind the masked men in her bra and boy shorts. She held Micky’s hand tightly as he attempted to look back to see his Dad. They got to the end of the hallway and the men instructed them to lie down so they could duct-tape their hands and feet. They took care of Sharon first. When they were about to restrain Micky, several shots rang out from the room Ern was in. Micky yanked away and ran toward the room. Before he got to the door, the masked men came running out and headed down the steps. Micky ran to his father’s side but it was too late. His hero was dead and his world was crushed… 

To purchase the book online, please visit the author’s website at


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