Summer Reading Pick #4 “Ghetto Sin-Phony” by R. McCall

Video Reading by the author
Book Excerpt:
Boom!!!! “Freeze” screamed the first Narc through the door followed by his team of heavily armed officers. They came in with guns drawn, flooding the small Plainfield apartment as the young hustlers inside scattered toward windows and the bathroom in hopes of escaping the grips of incarceration and getting rid of the product which would surely land them in prison for a substantial amount of time.
It all seemed to be happening in a hazy blur as Rameek Matthews , a.k.a Rated-R, stood motionless like a deer caught in head lights staring blankly through bloodshot eyes. It was the rookie hustlers first raid and it took a second for his weed fogged mind to alert his body to react, but soon as it did he found himself panic-strickenly scurrying towards an open window with thoughts of slipping down the fire escape. Those thoughts were immediately cut short though when he felt himself being tackled to the ground by a steroid induced, John Cena looking officer.
“Don’t move punk”!The Narc informed him as he forcefully shoved a knee into Rated-R’s back while cuffing him.
Hearing all the commotion going on from the bedroom where he laid cuddled with a slim redbone, another young hustler by the name of Young Trigga instantly knew what was going on. Without a second thought he jumped out of the bed butt a– naked and reached for the loaded semi-automatic on the nightstand next to him. Fear of being placed in a small, dank, cold cell ran through his mental as the PCP induced teenager lived up to his deadly moniker.
The first officer through the bedroom door received a slug to his protective chest armor followed by another to his unprotected neck and another ripping off his lower jaw bone. The officer managed to let off a few wayward shots which hit the girl in the bed and the wall as he fell backwards screaming in a gurgling, death curdling howl.
“Shots Fired!” yelled the lead officer. They wasted no time entering the bedroom with their guns blazing. Seeing their fellow officer down only enraged the Plainfield Narcotics Officers, causing each of them to unload their clips on Young Trigga like a firing squad. A few minutes later Rated-R and his crew were in custody and one of his boys bullet ridden body laid in a pool of blood on the bedroom floor.
It wasn’t their biggest bust, but The Plainfield Narcotics Division was surely pleased with the $200,000 worth of crack cocaine they did recover along with the numerous unregistered hand guns and confiscated money. What they weren’t pleased with was seeing their fellow officer getting wheeled out of there on a stretcher in critical condition with half his face torn off.
The group of young hustlers were being led out in cuffs as the Lil’ Wayne track still blasted from the c.d. player inside of the apartment.
“Man f–k these niggaz, I’m a spare everything but these niggaz. I’ll flip the gun & gun butt these niggaz, take the knife off the A.K. & cut these niggaz…YEEEAAA! And f–k these b—hes, I swear i care everything but these b—-hes. I-I Don’t care, i so what these b—hes. And i’ll put Young Moola way above these b—hes. If it aint broke dont break it. And if it aint shook I’m goin’ shake ’em. Hope i don’t look weak cuz, when a wolf cry wolf you still see that wolf’s teeth, MUTHAF–KAAAA!”
Hours later in a holding tank at the Plainfield Police department Rated-R was finally allowed his one phone call after being finger printed and processed.
“Listen bay-girl, they ain’t set no bail for me yet but get cha ass down here with the money i left in the cut for situations like this cuz i aint tryin’ to sleep on this hard ass wooden slab tonight.” He instructed to his girlfriend and mother of his first born.
After giving out orders and saying his I love you’s Rated-R hung up and was escorted back 2 his cell.
“Aye yoooo Buck!” He yelled through the cell bars at one of his co-defendants.
Joseph “Buckey” Jones, a.k.a Buckshot laid on the hard wooden slab that acts as a bed and snapped out of his thousands thoughts that was running through his mind.” Whatz good my nigga?”
“Did u ever get in contact with ya peoples?”
“Nah, aint nobody answerin’ right now. Whatz good with u tho?”
“I got in contact with wifey and she on her way up as we speak 2 post my bail”
“Say no more my nigga. Yo…when u get out go by my crib and tell my shorty 2 call up here & find how much my bail is & hit da stash & come get me cuz I aint tryin’ spend da night on this dis hard ass wood either.”
“U already know my nigga..I gotchu.
“I can’t believe diz sh-t.” Yelled Darius Willams a.k.a D-Nice, another one of his co-D’s.” I just got dat apartment & now I’m about at lose dat s–t. If I have 2 do a bid Tanya aint gonna be able 2 hold dat s–t down. Dat b—h don’t gotta job. Damn…I just brought a 50 inch flat screen & ey’thing.Da Benz aint paid 4 or nuttin’”
“U should’ve been prepared her 4 situations like dis. Datz y I been mentally prepared Wifey from day one what 2 do if dis type s–t happened. U was 2 busy trickin’ on them h–s and spoilin’ dat broad u 4got 2 school her 2 da game my nigga. Don’t worry…I’m a put something’ towardz ya s–t & when u touch get dat b—h mind right cuz if we gotta do some time u gotta have a ryda on ya side & if she aint gonna ride u gonna be f—-d.I done seen 2 many real niggaz fall victim 2 a grimy b—h when Buck chimed in.” Alotta b—-s aint built 4 dis and if u know ya b—-h u already know if she a soilder or not. Most b–ches jump ship and move on 2 da next nigga getting’ it when they dude get knocked cuz they don’t know nothing’ else. U got dat b—h addicted 2 a lifestyle she not gonna wanna give up.I hope u got some plan B’s just in case cuz I aint depending on my broad 4 s–t. I got Tisha, Courtney,& Jessica on da team so if I gotta do a bid I know dem b—hes gonna give they last 4 a nigga after all da s–t I done 4 them. And I got a lil’ sumptin’ put up 2 cum home 2 y digg!”
“Maaaann, f–k all dat. Them pigz pushed Triggz s–t back.” Hollered another co-defendant.
“I know, datz f–ked up dat nigga went out like dat. Dat wet must’ve had him gone cuz I heard him blastin’ soon as they went in da room.” Buck hollerd back.
“Yo Phatz…Steele.” R. yelled.
“Yooooo,” both men answered simultaneously.
“Just H-e checkin’.” He chuckled playfully.
They all continued to converse through the bars about the events of the night and what laid ahead for them until their family and girls came to post their bails.
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