7 Emails Every Author Should Use to Engage With Their Readers by Paul Godines

The first goal for any author looking to build a platform is to capture emails and to stay in touch with their subscribers. This is where many authors get confused, what do I say in my emails? How can I incorporate and sell my book? How often should I send them?

Here are emails you can use to get you started, with just one email a week;

  • E- Course – break your book down into weekly bites, offer to send the subscriber a chapter a week. Then offer to up sell them into a coaching program where they can learn more.
  • Burning Question – ask them what there burning questions are, what would they like to know about your niche and offer to answer them for free. Again offer to answer a limited amount of questions and work to up ell them if they need more info.
  • Invite – continue to invite them to events, to join you on face-book or twitter. Invite them to a Teleclass given by you or someone you respect.
  • Introduce – begin a relationship of introducing people to people. Ensure that you work to meet interesting people and experts that others would like to meet and work to ensure everyone you know gets introduced to them.
  • Next Step – always be encouraging your readers and subscribers to take the next step and give it to them. Let them know what its is, email them the exact steps they need to take.
  • Results – continue to share any and all results you help anyone achieve. This is very important to build your credibility and reputation – DON’T OVER LOOK THIS STEP!
  • F.A.Q. – frequently asked questions, write them out and continue to share them with others. Don’t forget to ask them their Burning Questions and take the time to answer them.

As of 2010 the most successful frequency for emailing subscribers is once a week. You will find that some authors email more and some email less. But if you were to mix the 7 ideas above you will find you have many weeks of valuable content to share with your readers.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Paul_Godines


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