Summer Reading Pick: Many Paths, Many Feet, An Anthology

About the Book:
Many Paths, Many Feet is an anthology of women’s stories, some fiction and some non-fiction, that candidly reveal women’s triumph and perseverance.  The stories, coupled with splashes of poetry, bring to light the essence of the human spirit. You will read familiar refrains of faith, determination, and tenacity.  We will take you on a powerful journey with incredible stories of challenges and the discovery of ourselves!
The authors are fearless, indefatigable, and righteous in their march to victory, thus presenting the archetypal story of what all men and women experience in their quest for an exemplary life. At Many Paths, Many Feet, they believe the journey is as powerful and rewarding as the destination!
The Authors:
Inspirational, heartfelt encouraging stories featuring Motivational Speaker & Radio Personality, Phyllis Wilson; and highly-respected University Professor, Rosalee Martin; Student of Life, Consultant, and Writer Tracy René Beavers; Human Services Advocate, Sandra Thomas;  Spiritual Consultant, Motivational Social Expressionist and Author , Lewis; Author, Ayanna Fears-Betts;  Community Activist and Author, Gloria Scruggs; Communications and Public Affairs Guru Paula Jemison; Independent Product Consultant , Lynnell Morrison; Psychologist and Success Coach, Dr. Nicole Cutts;  Lotus Blossom, Lynn Simpson; Author, Salli Saxton; and Author, Quenzette Jackson.
Book Excerpt:
As I sat outside his door on the cold ICU floor, I cried and rocked myself and begged God to spare his life.  I would give anything.  After what seemed eternity, with people rushing in and out his room, the nurse came out and said that he was revived and I could go back in and talk to the doctor.  The doctor gave me the forms to sign and said the transfusion would start immediately.  As I leaned down to kiss his wrinkled forehead and wipe his face, I whispered, “Nothing will separate us.”
He opened his eyes and looked at me and said in a whisper “I will always love you Sis” and slowly closed his eyes.  My hands started shaking and I could see he was taking his last breath.  The doctor moved me out of the way and said “Code Blue” in a firm voice.  Only this time they did not make me leave the room.  They announced his death at 2:36 p.m. September 14, 2004.
Now every September I make the journey to Abilene with my now grown kids to see UNCLE Phillip.  The ride is always quiet as we are all in deep thought.  We clean his gravesite and tell stories about what he has missed since he has been gone.  The ride back is always joyful because we think about how he would have reacted if he had known how we have changed.  Because of his death my life has been changed forever.  I have tried to slow my pace and try to be the AUNT of all AUNTS to my other siblings’ kids.



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