A Look Back by Michelle Larks


Since I’m going to blog a time or two with you, I thought I’d introduce myself. My name is Michelle Larks, I’m an author and I hail from the Midwest.

My father took me to the library when I was seven years old and I become hooked on reading. I couldn’t imagine life without books. I keep books in my car, purse, by my bed, and if I go someplace and don’t have a book on my person, then I feel incomplete.

 I grew up in an era where there weren’t many books written by African Americans. I had to make due with romance, non-fiction and biographies. I loved reading about people from different cultures and learn about their lives.

 When the self-publishing era hit in the 1990’s, I was ecstatic. I could finally read about people like me and when I went to the bookstore to buy books, I always left the store with a bag of books. I was in hog or book heaven.

 Some of my favorite authors are Terrie McMillan, Kimberla Lawson-Roby, Delores Phillips, and Lolita Files. Whenever they’d release a new book, I was first in line at the bookstore to buy their titles.

 I have always written in some shape, form or fashion as a child, be it poetry, a short story or journaling. One of my sister’s encouraged me to write and self-publish a book back in 2002. So I decided to test the waters and penned my first book, A Myriad of Emotions in 2003. I followed that book up with Crisis Mode, a collection of short stories in 2004. I later formed my own publishing company and re-released the book in 2005 under my publishing company, F&M Enterprises.

 My closest girlfriend challenged me to write a novel. So I did in 2006, it was an e-book titled Mirrored Images. My second full length novel, Who’s Your Daddy, was released in June of 2006. I also contributed to two anthologies that same year; Blended Families and The Midnight Clear. And, I knew then that writing was my calling.

 In 2006, I received a two book contract with Urban Books for their new Christian fiction imprint set to debut in 2007. My first title with Urban was, Keeping Misery Company, followed by The Legacies, Til Debt Do Us Part, and Faith in May of 2010.

Without the explosion of self-publishing, I don’t know that I would have written a single word. I am ever grateful for those pioneers of self-publishing; Kimberla Lawson-Roby, E. Lyn Harris, Terrie McMillan, Michael Baisden and Reverend T.D. Jakes. They opened doors to provide myself and other authors to find our voices. And as I found out, I have a lot to say. See you next time!

Meet Our Guest Blogger: Michelle Larks

Author, Michelle Larks

Michelle Larks is an Illinoisan native. She was born and raised in the Windy city, Chicago, and currently resides in a western suburb. Michelle was educated in the Chicago public school system and attended the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Michelle has penned eight books since 2003. The titles include A Myriad of Emotions, Crisis Mode, Mirrored Images in e-book format and Who’s Your Daddy. Michelle contributed to two anthologies, Blended Families and The Midnight Clear. Urban Christian Books released Keeping Misery Company in 2007, The Legacies in 2008, and Til Debt Do Us Part in 2009. Michelle’s latest book with Urban Christian is titled Faith and it was released in May of 2010. Michelle is married to her number #1 and supporter. She is the mother of two beautiful adult daughters.

Author’s Website: www.MichelleLarks.com

Email Address: michelle.larks@att.net


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