The Clothes Line by Monica F. Hudson

I was born into a military life, traveling with my parents, meeting and being introduced to many cultures right here in the United States. It is in those friendships, those cultures and adapting to changes in my own life growing up that from the ashes of disappointments rose second changes. Now, here as a new author rising on the scene making my mark by sharing, encouraging, and inspiring those whose lives too are changing that the possibilities of second changes are real. I came from a Christian family anchored in faith and strength, watching her mother act as both parents while her father away during war times in the 60′s/70′s.
I have accomplished my dream to write and share my story; this I believes is my mission. I am the author of two books: The Bride and the Bridegroom: A Spiritual Romance and my newest title, Changed: In the Heat of the Fire, it was during the first book that my life changed again and I started to learn the craft of self-publishing. This budding realization that I could do it too, brought myself even closer to my dream of starting my own publishing company that I could showcase my work and products. 
I believe that every inspiring author that wants to self-publish needs to be enlightened into what they are really getting themselves into. Using clothes as a visual too explain the process and looking into my own closet, the attire that I’ve been wearing in this long journey of publishing and finding more wrinkles in some of my clothes then others, I find the title “The Clothes Line” to be a fitting to my situation.

If one is thinking about walking the boardwalk of self publishing think long and hard about it-it may sound like thunder and power, as sweet as nectar but realize like clothes, you’ll need to create the look YOU which comes with a price tag. Believe that they’re days when you’re going to gather bits and pieces of your clothes and put it together to make it work, not just wear one piece at a time….and there will be other times when you’ll be required to wear just one piece…there are many sides to publishing and creating the look (YOU) want the world to see requires sacrifice and being quick on your feet.But those who are out there already know this and those who are starting to wade in the water are finding out. So, no matter what article of clothing you are wearing: author/writer/PR/Marketing/Graphic designer/editor/copy-writer/reviewer/… know that you’ll be wearing an array of stylish and sometimes ghetto type rags. But in the end it’s the presentation that matters……YOUR BOOK! SO OPEN YOUR CLOSET! 

About the BloggerMonica F. Hudson is a native of Arkansas, she resides in Little Rock, her family home is in Pine Bluff. She is no stranger to change. The journey to which she is traveling now was birthed from her past life as a child


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