Conversations with Ed Gordon will feature BestSelling Author and Comedian, Steve Harvey on 9/26@ 10pm ET

Steve Harvey may just be the hardest working man in show business. His rise from stand-up comic, to a New York Times best-selling author, game show host, and radio personality is nothing short of ground-breaking. The interviews were taped at Harvey’s Texas ranch and his home in Georgia. Host and executive producer, Ed Gordon among other things talks with Harvey about his best-selling relationship book, the success of his syndicated radio show and also sits with the comedian and his wife, Marjorie, who Harvey says literally “saved his life.”

This 30-minute profile will peel back the layers during this emotional interview to find out how Harvey almost quit show business, deals with internet “haters” and how he dealt with an unresolved feud with fellow comedian Bernie Mac after Mac’s surprising death. During CONVERSATIONS WITH ED GORDON, Harvey is overcome with emotion as he talks about the tremendously successful year (“God’s favor”) he’s experienced and what his wife’s love means to him. Here’s a sneak peek from Sunday’s premiere:

Why he works so hard to stay successful:
“I don’t want people to see me fall. I mean, I got enough people cheering for me to fall now… The Internet has created some amazing place for evil to exist, you dig? I don’t want to not be to my kids what they see now, ‘cause I don’t want them to feel differently about me.”

The surprising success of his best-selling book:
“That was just a favor (from God.) I ain’t no author, man…my writing skills are not of New York Times best-seller quality, trust and believe it ain’t. My vocabulary ain’t. But, He (God) put some thoughts in my head and gave me enough sense to hire this girl (writer) to put my thoughts on paper. And I just did a book. I had no notion, no possible clue that it would do what it did.”

His state of mind before his (current) wife entered his life:
“She literarily saved my life. (Before she came back into my life) My life was really a mess. I was a mess man. I was not in the right frame of mind, I was in a horrible mental state, I wasn’t happy, I was in a real dark space. People see my laughing and telling joke but they had no idea after the show was over, I had no joy in my life, in my heart.”




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