5 Bestseller Marketing Technology Tips For Authors by Paul Godines

Becoming a successful writer is a goal of virtually every author I know, so I thought I would take some time to share with you 9 bestseller marketing tips just for you.

To start with lets consider what a bestseller really is. Lets begin with an interesting statistic – 93% of the book on retail  shelves only sell 1000 copies in their life time. Here are some tips that will help you achieve a much higher level of success.

  1. Mobile Application – go to isites.com and create an mobile app for your blog in which you post content about and from your book. Get the word out about your FREE app and use it to promote your story.
  2. Audio CD – create an audio recording withe excerpts from your story and give them away, and have them ready for download online.
  3. SMS – Facebook has a feature that permits you to collect and synchronize your Facebook friends contact info with your smart phone. One you do that you will find that many people willing give their phone numbers online, use that to send text messages about speaking engagements and other promotions. (get their permission first)
  4. Web-inars – offer online learning classes about your book. Share a chapter a week or even just a preview of it before, publication. Feel free to continue to market it during and even after publication as well.
  5. Instant Messaging – making yourself available is a premium service that catapults past the credibility concern into the close and revered friend with little more than a couple of minutes off your time. just let people know that your available to chat on IM for an hour or two everyday.


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Paul Godines helps Authors with the Publishing Process, building the Authors Marketing Platforms (social media, products, coaching programs) Book Promotions (virtual book tours, amazon best seller campaigns, book award competitions) and receiving Publicity for your Book (Radio/TV and in Print.)

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Paul_Godines


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