Virtual Blog Tour: Traci’s Story

About the Book: Traci’s Story

Traci Collins has endured a rough childhood. From taking care of her drunken mother to overcoming a horrible accident that almost killed her at the age of fourteen. Now, at the age of twenty-seven, she has one more demon to deal with: her addiction to alcohol. As Traci struggles to get her life together, she seeks help for her addiction and finds love with Marc Drake, a handsome criminal defense attorney.

While attending group sessions, she meets three strangers: Olivia, Norman, and Kevin. When Traci accepts their invitation to join them for coffee, she learns they all have a story to tell. As they become close friends and start to trust one another, their stories begin to surface.

Doing her best to stay on the road to sobriety, Traci’s world begins to turn upside down. She soon finds herself in a tug of war over Marc Drake. Marcy, her rival co-worker, causes chaos for Traci by threatening her life over the one man she cannot have. 

Finally, Traci will be asked to keep quiet when she learns of, her new best friend, Olivia’s dark secret, a secret that could impact her life forever.

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Meet the Author

Marguerite Ashton who hails from Colorado is the published author of Taylini: A Family Saga which received rave reviews over in Europe. Her second book Traci’s Story was labeled “a mini-movie,” only in ink. Her passion for writing crime and suspense novels surfaced in 2002 and has continued to develop through another format, screenwriting.

Before moving to Wisconsin, Ms. Ashton had the honor of working with agent, Peter DeAnello of Big Fish Talent, where she appeared in a commercial for Furniture Row, along with some indie and student films. Shortly after, she had the privilege of collaborating with veteran stock car driver and Executive Director, Jerry VanDenHul at JVI Productions.

After the release of Traci’s Story in 2006, Marguerite decided to keep her other finished works, broaden her horizons and find someone as just as dedicated as she after learning distribution of her books were limited. She hired publicist Tiffany Braxton of Midnight Management and honed in on her craft by entering writing competitions and refocusing her home office into a writer’s library. Through radio interviews and speaking at public schools, she found a way to educate and entertain. Her strong interest in law landed her a spot working for the State Public Defender’s Office where she did intake at the Milwaukee Police Department. During her experience, Marguerite found an interest in using criminal investigation as a basis for her novels.

 In 2009, her screenplay Executive Intent won honorable mention in the 78th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition. Currently she is writing her fourth book and just finished the first in a series with Feigh Books titled Love Always Prevails, a Christian Romance.

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