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Lit Diva Inc. organizes several literary events throughout the South Florida Area. Please check back here regularly or join our mailing list to stay informed about our upcoming events and early bird deals.

Event: Miami Book Fair, International

Date: November 19th – 21st, 2010

Time: All Day

Location: Near Biscayne Blvd in Downtown Miami

Click the link to download Registration Packet:

 2010 Black Writers Showcase Application Packet

Event Details: Lit Diva, Inc. is currently procuring tents for the Miami Book Fair. Authors interested in joining us may secure their space with a $100 deposit. Full price to secure a spot with us is $275. Authors can attend the event for the entire 3 days at more than half the regular price charged by the Book Fair.

Authors will receive:

  • Share Table Space (6 ft table)
  • 1 Chair
  • Use of Electricity
  • Name and Book Title Listed on our Promo Flyer and E-blast
  • Our Lit Diva Street Team will be available to help bring traffic to the booth during the event.

Authors can secure their spot with a $100 deposit.
Registration Fee Information
Registration Fee: $275Late Regsitration beginning August 1st: $325

Registration Ends: August 28th

Payment plan is as follow:

$100 deposit

Balance Due by August 28th

All payments must be received by August 28th or author will risk losing their reserved space and no refund will be given.

To make a deposit, please send a payment through Our paypal e-mail address is

Click the link to download Registration Packet:

2010 Black Writers Showcase Application Packet

Please visit for more information or call the event cooridator, Joy Farrington at 305-400-0178 ext 101

Cancellation Notice (amended, June 19th 2010):

Authors may cancel by written notice. Notice must be received by August 1st, midnight- no exception. Balance of payments received, minus $100 ($50 deposit and $50 cancellation fee), will be refunded within 7 business days after receipt of written notice through the same payment method original payment was received.

Contact Person:

Joy Farrington, Event coordinator


Office (305) 400-0178 ext 101

6 responses »

  1. Hi Joy,

    I am alittle confused by your pricing. It states full payment pror to July 2nd is $225. Late payment after July 2nd… Then you offer a payment plan with the downpayment due by July 3rd. My question is, if you elect the payment plan what is the total price the author will pay?

    Also, does the author have the booth all day or are they sharing the the booth in shifts?

    Last, is the author responsible for sales transactions and do they retain all sales?


    • Hi Tracy,
      The July 3rd date is a discrepancy which I corrected. Thanks for making me aware of the error and I’m sorry for any confusion it has cause you.

      Late registration begins after July 2nd. An $50 late registration fee will be applied after July 2nd, midnight and a $100 registration fee will be applied after August 1st, midnight. Registration and payment is due by August 28th.

      The author has full use of the booth all day and will be sharing a table with another author throughout the event. However, authors have the option to purchase a full table for themselves for an additional $275.

      Yes, authors will retain 100% of all transactions and are solely resposible for processing all payments and sale tax.

      Full information is included in our Exhibitor’s Packet which can be downloaded on this page.

      If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask here or give me a call at 305-400-0178 ext 101.


  2. Base from an author request, I’m currently considering reserving a table for scheduled book signing only. Book signings would be scheduled in 2 hours increments. Pricing would be based on the number of authors interested but it will be less than the $225 charge for our regular vending tables. I would only consider this if 4 or more authors are interested and no payment plan would be available for this special offer. If interested please e-mail me at
    -Joy Farrington, Event Organizer

  3. Hi Joy,

    How many max authors will be at this booth / exhibit? I plan to pay the deposit on Thursday but wanted to know in advance how many of us will be in the same space… talk with you soon.

    Also, how much taxation will be required to pay to you or the fair for book sales (total).

    Tax id number ? Do I need one.

    Thanks a bunch,
    Pam O.
    aka “MochaSistah”

    • Hi Pam,
      Based on the response so far, I expect between 12-16 authors at the booth(2 to 3 tents with 2 authors to a table). I will be using our company’s tax id number so you would not need to provide one. However, as of now, I’m not 100% sure how we’re going to handle the taxes. I’m waiting for more information from the contact person at the fair regarding normal taxation procedures but in general taxes in Florida is 7%. I will let you know as soon as I get a response.
      – Joy Farrington

      • Hi Pam,
        To follow-up on your tax question… Authors will be responsible for filling out a Sales and Use Tax Form (DR-15CS) from the State of Florida Department of Revenue and are responsible for the collection and remittal of all sale tax. Lit Diva, Inc. is not responsible for any tax not collected by the author and will not collect any taxes on the author’s behalf. In general, Florida sales tax is 7%.

        Unless things change due to Miami Book Fair compliance regulations, I will not collect any Social Security number or Tax id # from the author.

        Also, please download a copy of our registration packet which is located on this page and send it in asap. Your deposit was already recieved.- Thank you for your prompt payment 🙂

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