Crystal Rhodes


I am an author and an award-winning playwright.  My first romance suspense novel, Sin, received critical acclaim. Sin is the story of a woman minister, noted for her anti-drug activities, who falls for a man who, unknown to her, is involved in the drug trade. This was the first in a line of books that I call the Sin Series.  My second novel in the series, Sweet Sacrifice, was nominated for the Romance Suspense Book of the Year.  My third novel titled, Grandmothers, Incorporated, was an entirely different genre.  It was comedy fiction and was co-written with author L.  Barnett Evans and it was selected as Best Book of the Year by two online websites. My writing partner and I wrote a play based on the characters from Grandmothers, Incorporated and in April 2010, the play made its debut off Broadway.  I returned to writing romantic suspense with my fourth novel, Sinful Intentions.  The third novel in the Sin Series Sinful Intentions, is the sequel to my first book Sin and Sinful Intentions received the Annual Reviewer’s Choice Award as Best Romance Novel.  My next romantic suspense novel was titled Singing a Song… and it was selected by Genesis Press, the publisher of my romantic suspense novels, to help promote its Genesis Press Writing Contest in 2009. Both Sinful Intentions and Singing a Song… were selected as reads by the Black Expressions Book Club.  I have two books coming out in 2010, Small Sensations (August) and Still Waters… (December).

I started out my writing career as a playwright with over 20 plays to my credit that have been produced in theatres, high schools and colleges all over the country. I have been the recipient of numerous nominations and awards, including having won the Black Theatre Association Award for Best Original Writing for one of my plays.  I have been blessed as a writer.  Written Word Magazine named me as one of the Ten Up and Coming Authors in the Midwest.
I have a Masters degree in Sociology from Clark Atlanta University and I’ve written for newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Please visit my web site at or drop me an e-mail at

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