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Book Review: “Now What Do I Do. An Entepreneur’s Guide To Getting To The Next Step With Social Media”

Book Review: “Now What Do I Do. An Entepreneur’s Guide To Getting To The Next Step With Social Media”

By Lynia White

Author Tiffany Odutoye is a Virtual Assistant who specializes in social media networking. She is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Virtual Partner, LLC and the Founder of Talk Social Networking. She has shared her expertise in her book, “Now What Do I Do. An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Getting to the Next Step with Social Media.”

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. The list goes on. We’ve all heard the buzz about “social media.” All the talk leads many to wonder, “How can I benefit from social media?” As an entrepreneur, I wondered the same. I was especially interested in how social media could help me grow my business. Odutoye does a great job explaining how to do just that.

In order to really benefit from social media, you have to do more than just sign up for an account. This is a fact that most people realize. But what do you do next? Odutoye outlines the crucial next steps. First, this book helps entrepreneurs to set goals they would like to achieve through social media. Next, it’s time to choose which social networking site would work best for them so that they can maximize their time. It also helps business owners to connect with their target audience.

I found this book to be extremely helpful. It is concise, easy to read, and very informative. I especially appreciated the FAQs and the Appendix. Odutoye discusses some very common questions about social media such as, “What is social media?” This section provides a review of the topics discussed in the book. The Appendix contains very valuable tools that can be used for social media marketing.

I would recommend that every business owner read this book. After I read it, I realized how important social media marketing is in business. Everyone should be using social media effectively and this book will certainly help to accomplish that goal.

Lynia White is a columnist, book reviewer and the founder of The Quality Corner Bookstore – For more book reviews by Lynia, visit her blog at


“God Ain’t Through Yet” by Mary Monroe

From New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe comes a poignant and passionate new novel featuring lifelong friends Annette Goode Davis and Rhoda O’Toole-two women whose best intentions don’t always yield the best results. This time around, Annette is devastated when one of her greatest fears comes true–and there may be nothing she can do about it. . .

Even though her life has its ups and downs, Annette Goode Davis feels lucky to have a family who loves her and friends she can count on. Most of all, Annette is grateful that her husband Pee Wee took her back after he discovered she was having an affair. Now, she’s determined to do whatever it takes to make her marriage work. The trouble is, while Pee Wee agreed to give Annette another chance, she’s not sure his heart is really in it.

Annette goes out of her way to keep Pee Wee as happy as pie, but it never seems to be enough. Rhoda is quick to point out that Annette got herself into this mess; now she has to be patient until Pee Wee forgives her. But time may be running out.

Her suspicions are confirmed when Pee Wee moves out–and in with his new lady. Annette takes the news hard and so does her daughter Charlotte, who seems hell-bent on keeping her mother on edge by hanging out with a wild new crowd.

Annette isn’t going to let her family go without a fight. But she also knows she must prepare for the worst–because one lesson she’s learned all too well is that when life kicks you in the teeth, you have to come out swinging.

Book Review: You Gotta Dance

YOU GOTTA DANCE by Bryan Daluz

ISBN 1440141690

It has often been said that the actions or decisions a person makes can change their life forever.

In 1987 Michael Daluz’s act of self decision changed his life in ways he could have never imagined.  That one simple act brought about changes in which would cause some to break but in his case it made him stronger.  The reader is taken on a journey of failure, success, fatherhood and religious awakening.  With so many obstacles facing young men today this is a book they should be given so they is not the end of the road but can be the beginning of life anew.  In YOU GOTTA DANCE, Bryan Daluz, tells the story of how his brother overcame the obstacles placed before him.  You meet family that turn their backs on him and friends that are there for him and building him up even when he doubted himself.

This was a very easy book to read.  I laughed, got misty eyed, prayed and cheered at the end.  I would highly recommend this book and know that the person reading it would enjoy it as much as I did.  I say well done Mr. Daluz and look forward to reading your other works.

Elizabeth “Libby” Edwards is a retired secretary, avid reader and enjoy various hobbies. She is a single mother of three adult children. and a lover of life. Libby is the Head Moderator of Nubian Lit Review Team.