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Borders Joins the E-Pub Rat Race by Joy Farrington

On Thursday, November 4th, Borders officially threw their hat in the E-Book Publishing game.  Powered by BookBrewer, Borders Get Published ( is yet another example of online book retailers adapting to the times and expanding their services to help bring in more revenue. Most recently Barnes and Noble launched Pubit!  ( and Amazon’s Create Space ( has been around along enough to no longer be considered the newbie on the block.  

Each format is centered around an easy 1-2-3 step process and emphasizes how easy it is to turn any file into an e-book. Authors are first required to create an account and are then asked to download their file, attached a copy of their e-book cover, include a book description, and add an ISBN number (ISBNs are not a requirement) Authors can set their own price for their e-book and once the process is completed, the normal turnaround time for an e-book to become available online is between 24-48 hours.

Below is the notification sent by Borders Get Published. 

“We’re excited to tell you that Borders Get Published is now live! Click here to register for an account that lets you create a FREE sample eBook with your own content:

As an early adopter, you can also look forward to exclusive discounts which we will send directly to members of this newsletter.

What is Borders Get Published?
Borders Get Published lets you quickly turn word documents, PDFs, or even content from your blog into an eBook. You don’t need to be tech-savvy with our easy drag and drop tools. Just write or copy and paste, click a button and congratulations — you’re published!

If you’re an aspiring author, you can get your eBook published on and other major eBook retailers for as low as $89.99. Let us submit you book to retailers for you so you can spend more time on your content. Participating retailers include, and, with more to come.

Don’t want to give up royalties? For a flat $199.99 fee, we’ll send you a full ePub file that you can submit to retailers yourself, sell from your own website or send directly to family and friends.”

About the Blogger:

Joy Farrington

Joy Farrington is CEO of Lit Diva, Inc. ( a non-profit organization that supports, promotes, and empowers African-American book clubs and authors. In 2010, Joy Farrington published A Literary Diva’s Guide to Hosting a Fab Book Club Meeting which is being hailed as the blueprint for book clubs.  She is the host of Between the Sheets, a weekly teleconference which features top name African-American authors and give readers the opportunity to ask them a variety of questions.  Her most noted interview to date was with acclaimed author, poet and activist, Nikki Giovanni.

Currently, Joy Farrington is working on several local workshops and teleseminars to help guide book clubs in hosting meetings, literary events, inviting authors to their meeting and how to turn your book club into a business. She lives in Miami, Fl.

Evolve by Carla Thorpe

As technology has changed so has the world’s expectation for information.  No longer do you see people read magazines, books or newspapers.  It is all about instant access.  They are all holding phones, laptops, netbooks, ipods, etc to get the information load.
Writers now have to take these things in consideration before and after the completion of a project.  Just having a full bound hard back book is not going to work for all of their potential readers.  They have to evolve as technology has.
What does that look like?  How does a writer plan to incorporate technology into the plan for the their project?
Good questions and the answers are even better.
The short story about a child hood summer excursion is complete.  The book is about 50 pages.  It is full of adventure, fun and tips to help a young child understand the dangers in the world.  The book is scheduled to be printed in about three months.  The mailing list and support of the community has been created to help the sales of the story.  An idea to reach those outside of the immediate circle of the writer is to offer a chapter of the book for free as a PDF on the writer’s website.  They select the most exciting chapter to share with the masses and it creates a buzz.  People are now not only enjoying the free gift but contacting the writer on how they can pre-order the book for family.  This one step increased sales, created a buzz and offered the book in a capacity that people can share and access on the go.
That is what it is all about.
You have to create an opportunity in the current trends.  By doing research, planning and the proper execution the evolution of words is a whole new world.

Meet our Guest Blogger

Carla Thorpe

Ms. Carla Thorpe has a passion for using her literary talent to motivate and help others. She has taken English and Creative Writing courses at Norfolk State University. Her talent for writing has gotten her works in renowned publications such as Stylistic News, Brown Gurl Magazine, The Examiner (online) & The Review Magazine. Taking this talent to another level she designed “Persevere Newsletter” to Inspire and Motivate The Masses.

Author’s Blog:

Vook Releasing 19 Titles on Ipad

The Kindle may have pushed e-book sales to record numbers this pass year, but the iPad is going to be credited for the upcoming e-media wave, making e-books more accessible for book readers. Plus when you add the continuous battle of e-book pricing between Amazon and major publishing companies, I’m sure the next 6 months will see e-media taking that last final leap into the norm.

-Joy Farrington, The Book Club Expert

Mixed-media book publisher Vook announced yesterday that it is releasing 19 titles on the iPad. The vooks, with their blending of content and video, are ideal for the device, which allows for the incorporation of more media options in the reading experience than existing, dedicated e-readers. A representative at Vook said this type of content was “tailor-made” for the iPad. The vooks’ prices vary, ranging from 99 cents to $9.99, but the rep said the average title is between $4.99 and $6.99. Vook is also currently giving away two titles–Love, Love, Love: Shakespeare in the City and The Sherlock Holmes Experience–which, like other vooks, can be found in Apple’s iBookstore. Other vooks include titles by Anne Rice, Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuck. Speaking to the significance of the iPad’s launch to the vook format, Vook CEO and founder Brad Inman said: “We will remember the iPad launch as the day that the publishing industry officially made the leap to mixed-media digital formats and never looked back.”

From Publisher Weekly- posted April 1st, 2010