Tananarive Due

Tananarive Due (tuh-NAN-uh-reev DOO; born January 5, 1966) is an American author.

Due is originally from Florida. Her mother is civil rights activist Patricia Stephens Due. Due earned a B.S. in journalism from Northwestern University and an M.A. in English literature, with an emphasis on Nigerian literature, from the University of Leeds. At Northwestern, she lived in the Communications Residential College.

Due was working as a journalist and columnist for the Miami Herald when she wrote her first novel, The Between, in 1995. This, like many of her subsequent books, was part of the supernatural genre. Due has also written The Black Rose, historical fiction about Madam C.J. Walker (based in part on research conducted by Alex Haley before his death) and Freedom in the Family, a non-fiction work about the civil rights struggle. She also was one of the contributors to the humor novel Naked Came the Manatee, in which various Miami area authors each contributed chapters to a mystery/thriller parody.

Due is married to author Steven Barnes, whom she met in 1997 at a university panel on “The African-American Fantastic Imagination: Explorations in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror”. The couple lives in Glendora, California.

Due has noted that her upcoming releases will be the sequels Blood Colony in the summer of 2008 and In The Night Of The Heat: A Tennyson Hardwick Story in the fall of 2008.

provided by wikipedia.com

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