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CinchCast: Details About the Write Your Book in 30 Days Challenge

Today on Cinch, I discuss how you can join the Write Your Book in 30 days challenge. I hope you take a few moments to listen to the recording, but I also included some guideline for the challenge below.

You can listen to the recording at http://cinch.fm/joyfarrington/301315.

Also, the Write Your Book in 30 Days Challenge begin Nov 1st, 2011.

Write Your Book in 30 Days Rules and Guidelines:

  • Commit at least 30 to 60 minutes a day to writing (preferably more if you can fit it into your schedule)
  • Gather your previous work (your intellectual property) to help you outline your book
  • Do not worry about grammar, sentence structure, spelling, or formatting. That comes later. For now all you need to do is write
  • Find a Success Partner / Writing Buddy to help keep you focused during the process. You can post a request for a Writing Buddy on our Facebook wall
  • Share your process by posting daily in our Facebook Group and joining the Twitter Conversation by using the #bookin30 hashtag

Shh! I have a secret.

I have a secret! Tonight, I’ll will be announcing The Lit Divas Network line-up for our next telesememinar series entitled: “Getting Between the Sheets with our Favorite Lit Divas.” But Shh! For now it’s is a secret. All I will say is it involves some of the top Lit Divas in the book world. So join us tonight, at 9pm EST to find out my secret and chat with Denise Turney,author and radio show host. To participate in the call, please call 712-432-3900 and enter access code: 843413.

-Joy Farrington, The Book Club Expert