Facebook Presence by Carla Thorpe

Social Media is the biggest technique that all industries are using to reach their potential clients.  It is a location to post info, create a conversation, and invite strangers to learn about your product.  Being a writer, it is important to create the publicity that you want.  This is especially true for writers that do not have a publicist. 

Having a profile on Facebook is a plus because current, past, and future lovers of your work can be in contact with you.  The most professional feature is creating a fan page. 

By creating a fan page you can:

  • Highlight key items about your work
  • Have contest
  • Create an ad to be shared to your potential market on Facebook
  • Post events
  • Post photos
  • Share the experiences of being a writer

This is just another way to enhance your career and marketing. 

You might think it is difficult to create, but luckily with the staff at Facebook you can easily get all the assistance you need with creating your fan page.  Also, on a weekly basis, you can search out courses about Facebook and the benefits of it to you. 

Don’t let the opportunity to create more of a customer base pass you by.


Meet the Blogger

Carla Thorpe

Ms. Carla Thorpe has a passion for using her literary talent to motivate and help others. She has taken English and Creative Writing courses at Norfolk State University. Her talent for writing has gotten her works in renowned publications such as Stylistic News, Brown Gurl Magazine, The Examiner (online) & The Review Magazine. Taking this talent to another level she designed “Persevere Newsletter” to Inspire and Motivate The Masses.

Author’s Blog: http://creativecwrites.blogspot.com


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